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Really enjoyed it, guys.  Here are my thoughts for anyone curious about how the game plays and its themes! 


Super jeu, et quel triste situation pour cet enfant...

J'ai hâte de faire le jeu au complet ! ;)


Pretty solid game that tackles dark subject matter while still maintaining some fun genre fare.  The physics of jumping and throwing things is really wobbly and frustrating but I appreciate the attempt.  Nice to see such an original concept that's not just hide and seek horror and trying for some actual gameplay

please tell me there is a way to bring him back

please tell me you can bring back smelly

i beg you

i cried for  hours at this point

How did smelly die? 



tears dropped from my eyes when smelly died. MY NEW CAT IS NAMED SMELLY

R.I.P smelly


Ok so I saw YuB play this and I wanted to play this but my dad would kill me (like the game)

lol same

sad game smelly is makeing me crying :

it is indeed sad that smelly the black cat dies.

omg the part where smelly died had me crying :(

know how you feel. I almost cried. What's really sad is that this stuff has actually happened before. What this father did is called child abuse, which is a felony. Loser parents with narcissistic personality disorder can hurt their kids and beat them with their belts (like whips). What's really unfortunate is that this father is an abusive alcoholic AND has narcissistic personality disorder, so the father would also beat his child over and over again until he foolishly kills the poor creature. It's disgusting and evil, but kids with terrible parents die this way all the time. The father even beat him when he was dealing with the loss of smelly the cat's death. In the meantime, Stay away from beer, drugs, and alcohol, Sharko.


smelly doe  😢😢

Yeah, but smelly is in a better place now, waiting for us to join him.

that being said, we will see him again.

poor smelly


this game was great, very sad but great job! Hope to see more in the future :)


I love this game so much but pls make it free thanks if you get this message

What happens if you ground the cat?

I don't really know, because I never really tried it, but it probably looks down at the ground and lets out an apologizing "meow..."

game so laggy and i dont like the motion blur but the game is good


please can you make this game free?


Get the demo and save up to buy it.  Developers put a lot of hard work into their projects.  It's not fair to ask this of them.




i kinda wanna know how the cat died in the vents and when the child cries makes my heart melt slowly

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because I know how it feels to lose a loved one. But some times you just gotta get over it y,know?

maybe its because he spat acid at the vent and it might've gotten onto the cat

oh yeah when smelly got hit by acid it probably ran to the end of the vents before succumbing to its death

yeah how did he die in the vents? he didnt stay there for too long i think so he wouldnt have had died of starvation.


i hate the dad for killing the cat i wish the kid backfired and threw a knife at the dad for revenge


me too like the dad was the first video game character i actually hated for real

in one of the endings, the kid melted him with acid

tbh, this is soooo sad i cried like 3 times, this has put new perspective on me and really just changed my mood to depressed, Questions...

1. How did the cat die? the cat has blood on it signifying that it was cut or something, but what was in the vent

2. Will there be a sequel? I would pay a whole $70 for A packed of this game in a series where the kid eventually  defeats the father (or other evil horrible no good, sad person)  also bring cat and don't hit it with bat :( 

3. How old is the kid?  Because by the height you play as does not match the voice but i cannot complain, also when the kids crying that scares me with tears,

4.  Can you escape the basement if you leave when the father opens the door?

I have a theory in the replies read if you want :) thanks for good game


My theory is that the son is human but got powers off multiple objects and creature, obviously this would not actually work but yeah,

the first idea was the cockroaches, "dog food" and just condition,

as you see the cockroaches from the fridge flood the place and as you can also see the kid eats them, leaving me to believe he ate them all and with their special abilities, he gained them overtime when he ate more, and the rest says the rest, and also his green stool is, just mutant looking, leaving me also to believe there might be radiation near, as he grows he keeps getting more making him last longer, when he escapes he might grow into a legend to come down in history



P.S Loved the game, Hate the dad,  revive cat, never hit with bat, find map, eat tree sap, and finally leave kid crack jacks, seriously the kid crying was so sad and morbid I took me headphones the 2nd time just so I would not cry, dad BAD BAD BAD BAD BAAAAD


I would pay like 100 dollar just to get and ending where you get out with the cat

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