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would have actually liked the game if you could escape with the cat :/ I was depressed for 5 hours

We are sorry to hear that. However, we hope you enjoyed the game anyway! *sending virtual hug*

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This game was so sad I almost cried 

and I don't really understand but how in the hell did smelly die 

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this legit made me tear up at the time smelly died. an amazing game btw


Thank you! We hope you enjoyed the game


It would be a lot cooler if we was father hitting a child with an Bat.

overall great game.

uh.. I guess so you could see the "monster"?


That to... But I would love to be the abusive father

your just sad, ngl


Well that does say that on my user... so Yeah!

nah thats weird bro


Thanks, but we think that's not the proper point of view to play the game

shut I AGREE

yes this is good BAD

bro wtf thats not funny


this is really sad and really scary,

this probably would give me nightmares for a week.


got me crying for 3 hours


this is sad



yeah me too.

yeah me too.


It was awesome watching the gameplay for this. You guys did amazing! For the available music in credits, I looked them up right away so I can listen to them on my own time. They went really well with the game.
However, I noticed there's no information on the beautiful music box-like tune that plays at the very beginning and also during ending 1's scene. Is it not available anywhere? It's too bad if not, but I figured it was worth a try asking!
Goodluck with any upcoming/future games btw :)


Hello! Thank you for your words. The music box-like tune was made (but not composed) by our sound designer. It's Vivaldi's "La Follia"! 


I downloaded this game just 40min ago but for some reason I cannot find the URL to open the game. I've tried to look in all my folders but the only folder I can seem to find just takes me to a bunch of folders inside the game download.

Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. You have to open "You are GROUNDED!.exe" inside the file you downloaded. There is only one folder inside the file, named "You are GROUNDED! v1.3.1_x64" or "You are GROUNDED! v1.3.1_x86", depending on which you downloaded. You'll find the .exe inside it with other files that you don't need to open.

Is this a Photorealistic PSX Styled Horror Game? Because, when you are getting near with some objects, then, its getting Pixelated, some other objects are in PSX Styled Graphics, I'm confused!


We conceived YAG! to have "Next gen PSX Styled Graphics". It's more about how you remember the PSX Graphics than how they truly were.

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So is it PSX Graphics with RTX Styled?!


my fans absolutely loved this game. you hit it out of the park with this one

Thank you very much for playing the game! :D We're glad your fans enjoyed it!

my game seems to be running at what it feels like 3 fps ? is there anyway i can fix it (its for the x86 demo)

Hello, we are sorry to hear that. Did you try the x64 demo? 

I already tried x64 but its LAGGY!

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will there be a sequel to "you are grounded" like "trapped in basement" with new mechanics?

Hello! Thanks for your question!

Right now, we are not working on a sequel, but on a non-related game to YAG!

Nonetheless, we've discussed this possibility and got many ideas for that possible project :) Of course, this would include new mechanics.

Is the any new game to make Devs? This is the only game that I see?!

Currently, we are working in a new game, it will be announced soon :)

Was it FREE?!

Nope, it will cost money like this one :)

Can you release this game on Steam?!


We want to do it in the future, but we can't in this moment :(

how would a sequel to this game even be like? how would the story continue from where it left off? would it be just us (the kid) living his life as an adult?

true the story can be continued as it left off it could include third person but it wouldn't be possible


Thanks for making such a wonderful and emotional game. Smelly was truly a tortured soul, as was the Bat Boy who had to suffer alone after he was gone.


Thanks to you for playing the game!

Pour les Francophones !

A dark and disturbing demo but a good horror experience. The only critique I have is the character movement - it felt a bit fast for being in a small, confined space. Other than that, I enjoyed your demo.

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So I tried purchasing at that price, but kept being sent back to itch. I've played the demo and I enjoyed it.

Nvm xD

This game man, although i played the demo on my channel but sheesh it was sad game but very interesting one too. great atmosphere and enjoyable. great job you guys!

Thanks for playing and the support!

REALLY well made. And the gameplay itself was very interesting. Seems almost tutorial-like. I'm very interested in the story and may try out the full game! Great job! 


Thanks for playing the demo and all your kind words!

Yep. I took multiple metal bats to the face. Here's to abusing young children!! 🥂

Thanks for playing the demo!

No problem!!! I had a blast!! Thanks for making a truly terrifying/disturbing game! I'll be back for more :) 

I really liked the full game! Very nice little game that hooked me for the whole playthrough. Here's me playing it if you're interested:

Thanks for playing! It's always great to see how people face the whole story.


I loved this and I am seriously considering getting the full game!!!

Thanks for playing!


I got my fair share of scares from the demo alone, lol. I'll definitely be playing this all the way through! Nice work!

Thanks for playing! Sorry for the scares ;)


I am really into the idea of this game, as soon as I get a new computer i'm buying

That's very kind! We hope doesn't disappoint you.


Awesome Game. Great Idea!

Thanks for playing the demo!


Demo is good thanks for letting us try it :)


Thanks for playing! Sorry for the bug in the fair scene, it´s something we fixed in the complete version but we forgot to update the demo. We will upload a patch now.

Happy to help :) thanks for the demo and game!

Hey, I’ve seen the game on Youtube and loved it as a horror game enthusiast!   If you want to, I can localize that game to Turkish.

Thanks for the offer! The game presents custom hand made fonts for English and Spanish, and it will be difficult to create specific custom types for Turkish. We will study the possibility to port the game to other languages.


Game looks really good!  Had fun giving it a try! 


Thanks for playing!

I'd love to play this game for my youtube channel!!! Came you make it Linux compatible?

Thanks for your interest! For now we are focuising on windows. In the future we will bring the game as many platforms possible.

Very spooky the sad reality of a child going through child abuse.

Thanks for playing the demo!


Can you provide Linux builds please?


We are studying how to port the game to other OS. Stay tuned for future updates.

what about chromebooks?

Any more content-related updates (new endings, plot details, characters, locations etc)?

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For now we are focusing on fixing some minor bugs to make the flow of the game as flawless possible. Not sure about adding more content to the game, since we wanted to provide a self contained, open to self interpretation plot. We think it´s better to develop a completely new experience with the lessons learned from this one. Maybe a sequel in the future? Time will tell...

Thanks for the reply! If no more content updates, then any future bug fixes?

We have a patch in the way. It will be uploaded soon.

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MY gameplay in portuguese..enjoy,very great game!

Thats a great gameplay! Thank you very much for playing! Since we are Spaniards we understand you a little bit. A real pleassure!


Hey I'm the guy that did the stream just reporting the Hold M prompt stayed on the screen after the tutorial until I exited out, other than it's a 10/10 for its poop mechanics will stream again.

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Thanks a lot for playing and streaming the game! We will fix it in our next update.


This game is one of the best game a ever play this year!!Very good job for a small time!!

Wow! Thank you very much for those kind words! It's a boost to keep us going, since it's our first game published. 


I enjoyed watching TV in the game. Hate the unchangeable (?) cat destiny, love the whacky ending!

Thank you for playing! Sorry for the bugs of the version you played. Current version 1.1 solves the majority of them. We saw some other minor bugs during your gameplay that we are going to fix them right now.

I really want to play this game on steam! Do you have a chance to log in to steam to publish?


For now we are not able to open a Steam developper account, this is something that we are going to do in the future. When we get the chance to publish on Steam, we will send keys to all the users that already purchased a copy on


That's really great! Steam has a bigger group of horror game fans! Believe that the game will sell more and better!


Part 1 is out! Before anything begins to truly happen, but good stuff, fun inspiration from older horror movies

Thanks for posting the gameplay! It was a blast! Waiting for part 2.

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This post contains spoilers, do not click Expand on this comment, it'll be full of spoilers for the dev only:

Found a few bugs I want to report, game breaking'ish types, one or two of which was when trying to get to the cat in the vent with the chain on, clicking on the vent made it so the first dialogue would be seen but no further interaction could be had until I quit the game and rebooted it. Second time this happened I Sprayed acid at the vent to get into the large trippy room with the many doors - 

I sprayed acid at the 'last dad', it was an 'around the corner of a prop' shot and it hit him, but didn't register, he didn't die but stayed moving and alive and I wasn't able to shoot at him again. I quit and rebooted the game from there. After launching the game again, I could shoot acid at the vents to get back in - but the Vents didn't fall off, so I was going to reboot and relaunch as I had before but then the game deleted my save completely. Unsure if its just random unluckiness, or that the game deletes your save if you quit while hanging on the ceiling. 

I had 5 cockroaches and was close to the end, rip. That isn't to of course say I didn't enjoy the game, this happened on my 2nd playthrough trying to get to a 2nd ending, I had 5 cockroaches so it leads me to asking about Endings and Cockroaches and where I maybe missed one - or is there a 6th cockroach after the many-doors/dads scene? I got the 1st cockroach and 2 separate days where there were 2 cockroaches at the same time, the 2 when needing to get the crayolas above the door and the 2 when getting Momma rat, where's the 6th? I'm assuming Ending 2 is Escaping without killing dad, and Ending 3 is getting all 6 Cockroaches, but then what?

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First of all, thank you very much for playing!

And thank you very much for this detailed bug report, very appreciated!

It seems that the game start failing in some points after first complete run. Some global variables are storing things that weren't expected and persist between games. We are working on it right now, and we will upload the patch asap.

For now, try entering in the Windows Regedit console and delete the content at \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sepia Games\You are GROUNDED! It will set the game as a fresh start and might fix some of the issues you faced, but you will also lose all settings and progress. This quickfix doesn´t affect to get alternate endings. 

And for the cockroaches, one hint: There is a tricky one before the scene you mentioned, but does not affect to the third ending.


If Cockroaches don't have an ending attached for finding them all, is there any changes to note for infact finding them all? Or just satisfaction for being a completionist? 

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We introduced cockroaches to guide the player through the platforming sections. For now they are just a number, but we are thinking about doing something special with them in futures updates.

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